Made in England

Sourced locally

We are often asked where our models are made. Well almost all of the parts are Made in England. We design the models ourselves and have the majority of the parts manufactured in Bognor Regis, yes we are not kidding, sunny old Bognor Regis.


Most of the metal work and some development work is undertaken by Towncross Engineering who are in Felpham which is almost Bognor Regis. This thoroughly modern manufacturing company uses  “state of the art” CNC Driven Tool Turning Centres to ensure the highest quality and repeatability.


The Bases are made locally and the nuts and bolts come from a variety of sources.


One small part is made in Italy and we will let you guess which one.


On our own premises we test and package the parts, box the kits, take the orders, dispatch the models and listen to our customers.