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OMC-3 Froment Engine Kit

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The OMC-3 Froment Engine, a revolving armature engine,  is based on original designs of Paul Gustave Froment who, in 1844 found that by placing the armatures onto the constantly revolving flywheel, much greater efficiency could be achieved over reciprocating designs where components had to be constantly accelerated.


Four armatures are fixed directly to a flywheel immediately above an electromagnet. This magnet is energized as each armature approaches and turns off as it passes. Timing is cam operated via the shaft and is fully adjustable. Power is taken off via a pulley.

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Following the discovery of electricity in the early 1800’s the pioneers of the day developed a variety of engine designs in their efforts to use this new phenomenon.


The OMC-3 Froment engine is based on original designs of Paul Gustave Froment who, in 1844 found that by placing the armatures onto the constantly revolving flywheel, much greater efficiency could be achieved over reciprocating designs where components had to be constantly accelerated.

This model has over 90 parts to assemble but as no machining or soldering is necessary, this kit is ideal for model makers of all abilities.


OMC-23-Series-Two-003-300x199Four armature blades are arranged on a flywheel and directly above an electro magnet. As the armature blades approach the magnet a cam operated switching system energises the magnetic rods which pull the armature around. Just as the blade is level with the magnetic rods the power is switched off and the flywheel continues to turn bringing the next blade around, and so on.


The “break piece” or contact points are fitted next to the shaft and are mounted in a contact housing and operated by a cam fitted to the shaft. This housing is attached to a moveable bracket allowing for adjustment of the model’s timing.


OMC-23-Series-Two-004-300x199This arrangement makes it possible to achieve minimum mechanical resistance at the cam with further fine tuning possible with the timing plate screw that establishes how long the timing blades are in contact. Power is taken off by a pulley.


The timing blades are constructed of nickel silver and fitted with high quality silver nickel contacts to ensure long lasting trouble free operation.


OMC-23-Series-Two-005-300x200Great attention to detail has been taken to ensure that all the parts are made in the style of the period. The brass pillars and the terminal connectors are typical of the times as is the detailed flywheel.


The model is fitted with a fully working on/off switch of period design that incorporates a ball and spring. This switch makes demonstrating the engine much easier.


Produced from high quality brass, silver steel and zinc coated steel with copper windings on iron cores this model is mounted on a classic wooden base that also conceals the battery box and other necessary modern considerations.


A detailed and illustrated instruction manual is provided and the components are packed in numbered packets that correspond to sections in this manual.



The outer packing converts to an assembly jig to support the model whilst working on the underside.


Technical Specification

The kit contains over 90 parts that need assembling.


A very detailed and illustrated instruction manual is provided that also serves as a construction record.


No machining or soldering is necessary and only hand tools are required. A BA spanner tool is provided.


The model operates on 4.5 volts dc. The battery box accepts 3 x AA batteries. (Not included).


The complete model is supplied in kit form in a box measuring 30cm (12in) x 30cm x 5cm (2in).


The packing easily converts to an assembly jig to help with the construction.


The wooden base is unfinished and will need drilling (template supplied).It will also need polishing or varnishing.


A spares pack of the easily “lost” smaller parts is provided.


The wooden base measures 14cm (5,1/2 in) x 14cm and stands 3cm (1,1/4 in) high. The finished model stands 14cm high.


The flywheel has a diameter of 6cm. (2,½ in)


This model is not a toy and because of the number of small components this kit is not suitable for youngsters under the age of 12 years unless supervised by an adult.


The Old Model Company Limited reserves the right to change the specification at any time without notice.


This Model Kit is Not A Toy and is designed to be assembled by adults and responsible young people who are competent in the use of ordinary hand tools. The drilling of the wooden base should only be carried out by persons skilled in the use of a wood drill.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    What a pleasant surprise to receive a model kit that contains everything that is well organized and contained in separate little bags that aren’t opened until called for in the very easy to follow instruction booklet with pictures and diagrams of every step. All of the parts are well made and fit together very nicely.
    As a amateur model maker I had no problems assembling this model and i was able to get it running quite well with some very minor tweaking of the points.
    I will definitely be adding more of these little model motors to my collection, because they are worth the money in my opinion.

    Thanks, for a quality product.
    Jack D in St. Louis Missouri USA

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