The Old Model Team enjoying themselves.

Some photos of the Old Model Team enjoying themselves…

Nicky Coady

Nicky Coady. I was joined on my Tasmanian holiday by my lifelong friend Nicky who has lived in Sydney for over fifty years now. As you can see she will have a go at most things including driving tractors. However she can be a bit of a nightmare at times as seen here causing trouble …

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A visit to a customer in Tasmania

A visit to an engineering star in Tasmania and he drives one. I always try to visit customers when I am “out and about” because generally speaking I always learn something new but a visit to Joe Young in Tasmania was a whole new experience. Describing Joe is always going to be difficult but he …

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OMC-7 "Eddy the Engine" Becoming Available.

Our latest Kit “Eddy the Engine” is being released for sale during the summer of 2015. This is an Educational Kit and a working model of an Edwardian Engine. We have worked hard to lower the costs of this Engine Kit and it should be viewed as a modern version of the “Demonstration Engines” that …

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John Chapman’s Build Diary

John Chapman is a very experienced Model Maker and has built up a fine collection of both steam and electromagnetic engines. His site is very well worth visiting.

Don’s Collection in the USA

The main reason I got started into Model Engine Machining was these engines that I have collected. They come in Kit form and have up to 200 Pieces. They are amazing beautiful replicates of the orginal design with all effort to keeping with the times. During the 30 years between 1830 and 1860 many attempts …

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Australian Model Video

Here is a video demonstration in a shop in Perth Australia. QC  Technologies, Perth Australia.