Don’s Collection in the USA

The main reason I got started into Model Engine Machining was these engines that I have collected. They come in Kit form and have up to 200 Pieces. They are amazing beautiful replicates of the orginal design with all effort to keeping with the times.

During the 30 years between 1830 and 1860 many attempts were made to use electro-magnetism to produce engines that could be used instead of steam and one group of experimeters converted the linear motions of their inventions to rotary motion via linkages similar to those found in steam engines of the time. the first electric motors consisted of machines with reciprocating motion and although this first group came to a dead end, fascinating and beautifully made examples survived in various museums around the world. These early reciprocating engines were quickly followed by revolving armature designs of which Paul Gustave Froment’s was the first in 1844. These were much more efficient and a variety of different and increasingly sophisticated designs emerged.

Visit the site: Don’s collection, Morgan City, Louisiana.

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