OMC-1 Rocking Engine Kit

OMC-1 Rocking Engine Kit

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A reciprocating engine with two power pulses per rotation. The armature rocks to and fro on the coil rods and this motion is transferred via an arm, connecting rod and crank to a timing shaft. Timing is achieved with two timing blades acting on a cam fitted to the shaft. Power is taken off via a pulley. A flywheel ensures momentum.

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Product Description

The OMC-1 Rocking Engine is a model engine kit and an example of the early development of the electromagnetic engine that attempts to capture the spirit of those exciting times. Working on AA batteries the coils of this model are intermittently charged, creating a magnetic field and attracting a rocking bar, “the armature”, to rock to and fro on the coil rods. This in turn causes a connecting rod and crank to turn a flywheel.

A cam is fitted to the shaft that operates the “break piece” or timing blades which are connected to a housing attached to the chassis. There are two power pulses per rotation and timing adjustments can be made with the timing plate screw that adjusts the position of one of the blades.

The model is fitted with a fully working on/off switch of period design that incorporates a spring and ball. This switch makes demonstration of the engine much easier. The operating cycle is sufficiently slow to easily observe the models function.

Great attention to detail has been taken to ensure that all the parts are made in the style of the period. The elegant flywheel, authentic terminals, rocking arm and connecting rod are all true to the times.

This OMC-1 Rocking Engine is supplied in “kit form” and is made up of over 90 parts that have to be assembled but no machining or soldering is necessary and only hand tools are needed. As many of the threads are the old British Association or BA threads a BA spanner tool is supplied.

This model engine kit is produced from high quality brass, silver steel and zing coated steel with copper windings on iron cores. When mounted on the classic base the model is not only a delight to see working but provides a very satisfying experience for model makers of all ages.

The standard base has a square hardwood top that fits to an ebony black plastic surround. A round all hardwood classic base is available at extra cost. Both of these bases conceal the battery box and other modern considerations such as the diode that prevents sparking at the timing contacts.

Very detailed and fully illustrated assembly instructions are provided and the parts are supplied in numbered packets that relate to numbered passages in these instructions.

A “spares packet” is supplied containing the smaller parts most commonly “lost” during the assembly.

Technical Specification

The kit contains over 90 parts that have to be assembled.

Very detailed and illustrated assembly instructions are provided and the parts are supplied in numbered packets that refer to corresponding numbers in these assembly instructions.

No Machining or soldering is necessary and only hand tools are required. A BA spanner is provided in the kit.

The standard square base and optional round hardwood base will both need drilling (template provided). They will also need polishing or varnishing.

The standard square base has a hardwood top measuring 100 mm sq. (4in) . The base is 135 mm sq. ( 5, 1/4 in) approximately.

The optional round base measures 120mm (4, 3/4in) in diameter on the top and is 30mm (1, 1/4in) high. The overall diameter is 155mm (6 in). These measurement are approximate.  The finished model measures 125mm (5in) high and the flywheel has a diameter of 60mm. (2, 3/8 in).

The model operates on voltages between 3 and 6 volts dc and is supplied with a battery box that accepts  AA batteries (not supplied).

A “spares packet” is supplied containing the smaller parts most commonly “lost” during the assembly.

This model is not a toy and because of the number of small components this kit is not suitable for youngsters under the age of 12 years unless supervised by an adult.

The Old Model Company reserves the right to change the specification at any time without notice.

Health & Safety

This Model Kit is Not A Toy and is designed to be assembled by adults and responsible young people who are competent in the use of ordinary hand tools. The drilling of the wooden base should only be carried out by persons skilled in the use of a wood drill.