OMC-7 “Eddy the Engine” Model Kit

OMC-7 “Eddy the Engine” Model Kit

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An educational model kit and working model of an Edwardian electric engine

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Product Description

A modern version of the “educational Engines” of yesteryear

“Eddy the Engine” is an ideal and safe introduction to the world of electro-magnetic engines and to that of model making. It is designed to show many of the operating principles of early electric motors. As the model kit is assembled the motor’s functions will be brought to life providing a satisfying       experience for the enquiring mind.

There are approximately 100 parts to be assembled and this can be done with ordinary hand tools. There is no machining or soldering required, so this makes it an ideal kit for model makers of all     abilities.

It’s all about the timing

Building “Eddy the Engine”into an operational motor is all about the timing. The timing is       controlled by a cam and timing blades. Four timing adjustments have to be made, highlighting the  interaction between the armatures and the coil and that of the cam position.

The contact points are mounted on an adjustable bracket making it possible to minimize mechanical resistance at the cam. Further fine tuning is possible with the timing plate screw that establishes how long the timing blades are in contact.

The challenge lies in getting the timing right and this is all part of the fun. The anticipation and end result of a functioning motor is both enjoyable and rewarding, leaving the builder with a sense of achievement on completion.

Very detailed and illustrated assembly instructions are provided with the kit. All the parts come in numbered packs which correspond to numbered sections in these instructions, making the building process as simple and easy to understand as possible. A useful BA spanner tool is also included to assist with building, as is a spares pack of the most often “mislaid” components.

The engine has a single coil with magnetic focusing arms that interact with six armatures that are incorporated into a rotor.

A cam operated switching system ensures that the coil rod is energized as an armature approaches and switches off as it passes.

Eddy the Engine” operates on safe 6 volts dc and the batteries are mounted under the hardwood base together with the terminal block and diode that prevents sparking at the timing blades.

A modern “on/off” switch is fitted to keep costs down but a period “Knife Switch” is   offered as an alternative at extra cost.

This model is produced from high quality brass, silver steel and zing coated magnet steel with a copper winding on an iron core. It is mounted onto a period styled ebony black plastic base surround with a hardwood base top that has to be drilled (template provided) and then polished or varnished.

The timing blades are of nickel silver with   silver nickel contact points for long trouble free operation.

Technical Specification

This kit contains approximately 100 parts that need to be assembled. These parts are supplied in numbered packets that correspond to numbers in the detailed and illustrated assembly instructions.

No machining or soldering is necessary. Only hand tools are required. A BA spanner tool is included.
The three piece base has an ebony black plastic surround and a hardwood base top that will need drilling (template provided) and polishing or varnishing.

The base measures 135 by 135mm (5,1/4”) and the hardwood base top is 100 by 100mm ( 4” by 4”) approximately.

The finished model stands approximately 115mm (4,1/2”) high and the rotor has a diameter of 60mm (2,3/8”)

The model operates on 6 Volts dc and incorporates a battery box that accepts 4 AA batteries (not included).

A modern on/off switch is provided but a period Knife Switch is available at extra cost.

A spares pack of the most often “mislaid” parts is included.

The Old Model Company Limited reserves the right to change the specification without notice at any time.

Health & Safety

This Model Kit is Not A Toy and is designed to be assembled by adults and responsible young people who are competent in the use of ordinary hand tools. The drilling of the wooden base should only be carried out by persons skilled in the use of a wood drill.